Work Culture

And the meek will inherit the earth.

December, 2019

2019 gave courage to the weak and to the disenfranchised, in 2020 it is up to the strong and powerful to show sagacity and wisdom.

The recurring theme of 2019 was a display of the angst and despair against inequality being felt by millions across the world, with public protests in practically every corner of the planet. 2019 was about the weak being pushed to the wall, till they had no choice but to turn their back to it and rebel. 

The continuing efforts of women to keep the light of #MeToo burning despite the gusts of patriarchal pressure that tried to smother it, the protests in Hong Kong, the Greta Thunberg led climate change crusade, and finally back home the countrywide agitation against CAA and NRC were a signal to the world that the meek were getting ready to inherit the world. We have had enough, said the voices who stood at Shaheen Bag, in the streets of Hong Kong, on the podium at UN. Enough of being cowed down, of being told what to do or not to do, of watching from the side lines while the current keepers of the world allowed the Amazon fires to rage or one more woman to be raped or burnt or decreed that my neighbour should relinquish her home just because she was a different caste. The remonstrations were not so much a cry against that one dictate or act of those in power, but an outraging against a world that is increasingly and unjustly making the powerful more so, and the weaker even more enfeebled.

Vociferously, we need to celebrate each and every one of the protesters and those who are battling their court cases tareek after tareek,because they fight for us, the common man and the common woman. We need to salute them too because this is not their natural behaviour. These are law abiding, peace loving, normal boys and girls, men and women, who were going about their daily lives trying to eke out their daily living till one day they realized that if they did not raise their voices against the increasing injustice being meted out to both man and planet, their future was under threat; as was their present  So celebrate 2019 we must, because finally the true protectors of democracy, of universal brotherhood, of justice and equality have stood up and made their voices heard.

But will their opinions matter and their protests count? 

Any equation has two sides to it. My favourite prayer extolls God to give strength to the weak, but equally to give wisdom to the powerful. And so I wish only one thing in 2020. That the powerful and the influential, the ones who rule and those who are in authority, be truly given vast measures of wisdom and understanding, by God.

“ Nirbal ko bal dene walle, balwaanon ko de de gyaan , Allah tero naam, Ishwar tero naam”