Women @ Work

Lost Some, Found Much – A Trip without My Luggage

August, 2019

Dedicated to my luggage: Tere jaane ka asar kuch aisa hua mujh par... Tujhe dhoondte dhoondte, maine khud ko paa liya. – Anonymous

Travelling, especially in Europe, a continent I adore, is one of my biggest stress-busters. Whenever I embark on a journey, despite having ‘seasoned traveler’ stamped all over me, I get this toe curling tingle of excitement much like a child who is venturing onto the beach, with its soft squishy sand and gently...

Women @ Work

Why Women Take More Time to Advance in their Careers than Men

April, 2019

Remember the popular American sitcom - The Office? In an episode titled ‘The Alliance’, Michael comes up with an idea of organizing a birthday party for Meredith, even though her birthday is a month away. While the whole situation has a rather comical spin to it, what didn’t seem funny was the distribution of work - the women were, without being explicitly asked, in-charge of the party planning, while the men went about their day as...