Women @ Work

Why Women Take More Time to Advance in their Careers than Men

April, 2019

Remember the popular American sitcom - The Office? In an episode titled ‘The Alliance’, Michael comes up with an idea of organizing a birthday party for Meredith, even though her birthday is a month away. While the whole situation has a rather comical spin to it, what didn’t seem funny was the distribution of work - the women were, without being explicitly asked, in-charge of the party planning, while the men went about their day as...

Women @ Work

A letter to my soul sisters!

March, 2019


All the lovely women in the world, 

How should the day in the life of a businesswoman look like, you ask? Should I have to worry about an untidy house? A broken jar and a non-functional mixer grinder? Should I ask for a meeting with a potential investor today or leave it for another day while I run around frantically packing lunch for my son, looking for homework and missing shoelaces?  All this while fretting over the...