Happy Old Year!

December, 2018

The human mind is designed to focus on negatives rather than the positives around it. The ‘black spot on a white paper’ experiment concludes that everyone invariably notices that one tiny black speck and not the big white expanse of paper it is painted on! This tendency is possibly a survival mechanism, so that we spot the danger first and fast, and immediately react in order to protect ourselves from it.

But festivals are a time of good...

Why is the Media Industry Applying the Same Metrics to Measure Digital as Traditional Media?

July, 2018

In the episode ‘Nosedive’ of Black Mirror Season 3, an extremely dark and disturbing, yet plausible future of social media is portrayed. For those who are unaware, I recommend you watch this particular episode right away. For those who know what it is about, won’t you agree that we are all headed towards an impending doom, with the tremendous emphasis we lay on social media validation? 

But what social media validation is to...