Episode 1 - Lady, You’re Not a Man: ‘Auntyji’ Phenomena

A lot of currency is placed on women’s attractiveness; once they age and get categorized as ‘aunties’, their intellect, opinions and abilities are conveniently disregarded. With tongue-in-cheek humour and real-life anecdotes from their lives, this episode reinforces the ’40 and fabulous’ belief in women while teaching them to embrace age as just a number.

In conversation with Apurva Purohit and author Kiran Manral on the ‘Auntyji’ phenomena that leaves women feeling invisible long before they age. 

Corporate Mantra

1. As women grow older, their self-confidence and willingness to assert themselves increase. With fewer family responsibilities, they can now concentrate on themselves and look for what they truly want out of life.

2. It is the best time for women to maximize their potential and do what they couldn`t do when they were younger - whether it is learning pottery or starting anew business.