Episode 3 - Lady, You’re Not a Man: Guilt, your constant companion

Whether it is leaving your child home while you go to work, or missing that office party you could use to your advantage, being guilt-free is a non-option for any woman. The question to ask ourselves is – which guilt is easier to live with?

In conversation with Apurva Purohit and Rachna Kanwar about guilt being a woman’s constant companion as she navigates through marriage, motherhood and ambitious career.

Corporate Mantra

1. You certainly have a right to choose to be either a working mom or a stay-at-home mom, depending on your particular circumstances and situation. Unfortunately, feeling or not feeling guilty is not a choice you can make, since guilt comes along as part of the territory of being a woman.

2. The only choice you can make is to decide which guilt you want to live with. The guilt of compromising on always being around for your kids and family, or the guilt of wasting that potential and that education?