Episode 4 - Lady, You’re Not a Man: Men as Allies

Just like women are taught to be tentative, men are conditioned to be larger than life. Shedding light on the stereotypes and expectations laid out for both men and women, we come to realize that men don’t have it easy either. 

In conversation with Apurva Purohit and RJ Ginnie on how life deals an unfair hand to both men and women, and how we can navigate it by becoming allies. 

Corporate Mantra

1. Many of us waste a lot of time bemoaning the unfairness of life, as if it has dealt a particularly bad hand only to us. The fact is that everyone has a few dud cards somewhere in their deck.

2. While it may seem that life has been unjust largely to women and men have everything going their way, the reality is not so. Men too have numerous challenges they face-the key one being that they can`t easily escape the societally designated role of being the family`s chief wage earner.